"Every good day begins with a great cup of coffee."

Our Philosophy

Salter Bros. Coffee Roasters began with one simple premise: We believe that every good day begins with a great cup of coffee. Coffee makes everything better. It provides joy in the morning, energy in the afternoon, and comfort in the evening. At Salter Bros. Coffee Roasters, we know that a good cup of coffee is essential for life’s most meaningful moments, whether it’s taking a quiet sip with a favorite book, catching up with an old friend, or starting a new creative project. No matter when you choose to enjoy your favorite roast, we promise to deliver incredibly smooth and flavorful coffee.

Our Crop to Cup Process

By starting with the freshest beans in the world and roasting them in our hometown of Arlington, Texas, we are able to distribute amazing small batch coffee nationwide. Our unique “crop to cup” experience ensures that our customers know where their coffee is coming from and can shop responsibly.

Salter Bros. Coffee Roasters begins with only specialty, high-quality green coffee beans, ethically sourced and carefully selected from community farms and small lots in the most celebrated coffee growing regions of the world. This “micro lot” concept ensures well-managed growing, harvesting, and packaging processes to protect the beans prior to arriving at our roasting facility.

“Micro-roasting,” or roasting in small batches with our custom method, allows each bean to roast evenly to perfection, never burned. Each batch is hand-roasted for to produce a consistent, flavorful cup, time after time.

Our Bag, Your Label

We don’t roast your coffee until you order it. Since every bag of our coffee is made in collaboration with our customers, to you exact specifications, why should our name be the only one on the label?

Customize your exclusive bag with your name, your company name or logo, or any other name you choose. Enjoy it yourself, or give as a gift for weddings, holidays, birthdays, and more.

Your custom bag arrives in an airtight kraft bag with a one-way release valve for optimal flavor and freshness. Go ahead and give the bag a squeeze – experience the rich aroma of freshly-roasted coffee. We recommend storing at room temperature in our bag, resealing after each use.

We believe in our artisan-roasted coffee so much that we put our name on it, but even more importantly, we put your name on it too.

Meet The Team

John Salter

John Salter


Cindy Salter

Cindy Salter

Managing Partner

Logan Dean

Logan Dean

Events / Operations

Carson Salter

Carson Salter

Operations / Apprentice Roaster

Samantha Salter

Samantha Salter


About the Founders

After getting married in 1994, Texas couple John and Cindy Salter started each day together over a cup of coffee. The husband & wife team founded Salter Bros. Coffee Roasters in 2018 to share their passion with others.

John was raised with a strong work ethic and to value honesty, integrity, and respect. He spent nearly two decades working for one of the largest coffee roasters in North America. While he loved the industry, he longed to offer something more unique.

Cindy started her career as an attorney, later becoming a mother and event planner for arts and education. Her love of coffee began in childhood, with memories of her dad savoring coffee in Greek diners. He described it as, “The best coffee in the world!”

Now, Salter Bros. Coffee Roasters is Arlington’s only specialty coffee roaster of its kind.

Our Cornerstone Beliefs

Provide excellence in all areas, including coffee sourcing, production, and product offerings, with unwavering and uncompromised customer service.
Give respect to coffee growers, farmers, quality control teams, roasters, employees, suppliers, and customers.
Knowledge of industry trends, global resources, innovations in craftmanship, origin countries, as well as approaches to brewing and preparation. We share this knowledge openly with consumers.
Community involvement at the local and national levels, while creating synergy with local businesses. We believe in serving and giving back to the community.