Brazilian Decaf

Bold & Sweet Without The Caffeine 

Cocoa, raisin, strawberry notes – 99.9% caffeine free


Flavor Notes

Cocoa, raisin, strawberry in a medium, balanced body with nutty, earthy undertones


Full, Smooth & Buttery




sweet, brown sugar, chocolatey


1,200-1,800 meters



About This Coffee:

The suggested roast for this classic DECAF coffee is medium-dark, or even dark roast for a bold, rich cup. Recommended for espresso, cappuccino, and French Roast lovers.

Expert tasters, or “Q graders”, describe this as having a complex aroma, with a full body, high sweetness, a citric acidity and notes of dried fruit and intense chocolate.

These coffee cherries are harvested, washed, and sun-dried on cement patios, then placed in mechanical driers to ensure an even result. After drying, they are decaffeinated using Swiss Water Processed technology which removes 99.9% of the caffeine while leaving all of the complex flavor notes.

About This Region:

Our Brazilian is a combination of coffees from farms in two top-quality regions in the southeast region of the country. Brazil grows more than a third of the world’s coffee. Its varied landscapes, dramatic microclimates, and well-defined seasons, with hot and rainy summers that give way to cool, dry winters are key to its production of high-end Arabica coffee.

One of the regions, the Sul de Minas, in the southern part of Minas Gerais, is the most important and diverse coffee region in the country, a place where producers still live out traditions that have passed between generations of coffee growers. It’s also Brazil’s most charming coffee region, with steep slopes, beautiful valleys, and well-preserved colonial farms.

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