Honduran Decaf (Swiss Water Process) Subscription

From: $6.99 / month

Honduran Decaf (Swiss Water Process) Subscription

From: $6.99 / month

  • FLAVOR: Green Apple, Orange, Milk Chocolate
  • BODY: Juicy
  • ACIDITY: Bright
  • AROMA: Citrus & Grades
  • ALTITUDE 1,400-1,850 Meters
  • SOIL Rich Clay


Recommended as a medium roast for that last cup of coffee of the day.

Sweet notes of green apple, oranges, and milk chocolate complement the juicy body and bright, citrus acidity of this decaffeinated coffee. A rush of complexity, it delivers a nice harmony between the vibrant, citrusy and fruity flavors. Well-defined seasons contribute to the quality of these coffee beans from the Honduran Pacavita region, with rainy seasons resulting in beautiful coffee cherries and a clear, dry season allowing farmers to sun dry them. 

The Swiss Water Process, a natural method using water rather than harsh solvents or chemicals, is the method for decaffeinating our beans. Starting with small batches, caffeine is removed in a gentle fashion, leaving all of the full flavor, aroma, and body. The result is 99.9% caffeine free.

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Honduran Decaf

(Swiss Water Process)

Flavorful & Bright

Green apple, orange, milk chocolate

Additional information

Bag Size

5 oz, 12 oz, 2 lb, 5 lb


Whole Bean, Cold Brew, French Press, Keurig-Single Serve, Regular-Pour Over, Electric Perk, Drip, Auto Drip, Fine, Extra Fine, Espresso

Roast Color

Light, Medium, Medium/Dark, Dark


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