"Artisan roasted exclusively for you"

Bold & Sweet Without The Caffeine 

Notes of chocolate & nuts with a fruity finish – 99.9% caffeine free

Flavor Notes

Chocolate, Nuts, Fruity finish


Full, Round




Lightly Sweet


1,200-1,800 meters


Cerrado (southwest Minas Gerais)

About This Coffee:

The suggested roast for this classic coffee is medium-dark, or even dark roast for a bold, rich cup. Recommended for espresso, cappuccino, and French Roast lovers. 

Expert tasters, or “Q graders”, describe this as having notes of chocolate and nuts, with a fruity aftertaste; light acidity, and a sweet, full body. Clean and balanced.

“The main thing in Cerrado is the uniformity,” says Alexandre Ferraz, a Q Grader and Senior Coffee Trader. “The weather conditions allow for a lot of control, and the farmers in Cerrado are very professional and very high tech. Their use of harvesting machines, for example, allows them to better control the exact moment to harvest, which also contributes to uniformity.”

About This Region:

Cerrado is home to approximately 140,000 hectares of dedicated coffee production and approximately 3,600 coffee producers, the majority of whom are organized into large cooperatives. Stockler enjoys working with the same farmers, and has strong relationships across the region, but the contributors to Oberon change each year, as the focus in on an absolutely consistent cup profile.

Coffee farms in Cerrado vary in size from roughly 100 hectares to more than 3,000 hectares. And producers tend to be very open to feedback, if they believe it will improve their cup quality. For Brazil Oberon, a consistent cup profile is the priority.