"Artisan roasted exclusively for you"

Balanced & Rich

Cocoa tones, lemon and orange notes, nutty notes

Flavor Notes

cocoa, lemon and orange notes, nutty


full, smooth & buttery




sweet, brown sugar, chocolatey


1,200-1,800 meters



About This Coffee:

Balanced and rich, with a full body.  Recommended as a medium roast for early morning and afternoon. 

Coffee beans are picked, washed, and sun-dried. Expert coffee graders describe it as rich, with a very well rounded flavor, complimented by berry, lemon and orange notes. It leaves a lingering clean and sweet aftertaste, with a pleasant fruity background. Sweet and vibrant acidity, coupled with a smooth, medium buttery body create a memorable cup.

About This Region:

Colombia is the third largest coffee producer in the world, and the largest producer of Arabica coffee. Our coffee beans are sourced from the Antioquia region, an area initially settled by gold miners and once known at the “wild west” of the country. In the late 1800s, coffee was introduced in this mountainous, fertile region, which became one of Colombia’s key coffee producing areas. Colombia’s mountainous topography and varied tropical micro-climates contribute to its reputation for ideal growing conditions.  Since the 1980s, coffee has been the most important export from this region.