"Artisan roasted exclusively for you"

Creamy & Sweet

Red apple, dark chocolate, nougat notes

Flavor Notes

red apple, dark chocolate, nougat


creamy and sweet




red fruit, brown sugar


1,500-1,900 meters


Clay Loam

About This Coffee:

Recommended as a medium to medium/dark roast for anytime of the day.

The cup profile includes red apple, dark chocolate, nougat and raisin flavors, with a mild acidity and creamy-sweet milk-chocolate body. It grades very high in its sweetness and uniformity of flavor and body. Rich, ripe coffee berries are hand harvested and brought to local receiving stations for washing and processing. Its harvest goes from November through March.

About This Region:

Our coffee is harvested from the Santa Maria de Dota region, where farmers enjoy the most abundant harvests in the country. The majority of the community is involved in coffee production, and it’s well-known for its great quality of life and the harmonious relationship between the community and nature. 

The area is made up of a community of 12 producers covering small but prolific farms, with the average farm size around 8.6 acres.  The community coffee mill which processes these beans works closely with producers to ensure good community relations and sustainable production.

This coffee growing region is located in the San Jose Province, close to the Pacific side of the country and home to the Quetzales National Park, known for its “cloud forests.” Most of the regions farms are shaded by native trees.