Guatemalan Roast

Bright & Fruity

Sweet, fruity notes of green apples and berry

Flavor Notes

sweet, well-balanced flavor, fruit tones








1,050-1,600 meters


clay loam

About This Coffee:

Recommended as a medium roast for your first cup of the day.

These coffee beans yield a crisp citric and bright cup of coffee with a smooth, full body. A sweet balanced flavor, with caramel aroma, give way to fruity tones and a clean aftertaste.

Using the Guatemalan coffee grading system, these beans are classified as SHG, or Strictly Hard Bean grade, which includes coffee beans grown at elevations higher than 4,500 feet (1350 meters) above sea level. The higher the elevation, the slower the growth and ripening, yielding a denser bean considered much better in quality.

About This Region:

The most diverse coffee producing country in Central America, Guatemala is famous for producing an array of top coffee profiles. Our coffee comes from a combination of 5 growing regions, providing a wide variety of cup profiles, but with the unifying factor of vibrant acidity. Harvested beans are fully washed before being sun dried on patios as part of the green coffee processing.

Found in a valley north of the Antigua region and south of Huehuetenango, Chimaltenango is a relatively new coffee growing region. In some areas, coffee was the first crop to have been cultivated. Rich in nutrients, the soil is slightly acidic due to its lime and clay content, giving rise to outstanding coffee profiles. Unlike most coffee regions, Chimaltenango is quite dry. However, the area has abundant natural springs and coffee-friendly micro-climates allowing trees, including coffee trees, to thrive.