"Artisan roasted exclusively for you"

Intense & Sweet

Lemongrass, plum, nougaty Flavor notes

Flavor Notes

Sweet overall, with lemongrass, plum, light nougat


rich medium to full body




sweet brown sugar, black tea, anise


1,200-1,600 meters



About This Coffee:

Recommended as medium to medium/dark roast for a flavorful rich cup any time of the day.

Tanzania’s coffee crops produce more peaberries than other countries, making it a specialty of this east African coastal country. Said to possess a more intense flavor than other coffee due to concentrating nutrients into one curved bean rather than two flat beans, peaberries are characteristically smaller and denser than traditional beans, which many say are sweeter with a more intense flavor. 

Cuppers, or trained coffee tasters, note a smooth, buttery body, sweet finish, very crisp and sweet acidity, and a full-bodied flavor.

About This Region:

Coffee arrived to this east African coastal country when missionaries introduced it in this region around 1898. These beans are harvested in the Kilimanjaro region, on the northern border of the country. Most coffee farms here combine coffee and banana trees, which provide shade for coffee plants.

Tanzania’s coffee crops tend to produce more peaberries than other countries, making this type of coffee bean something of a specialty for this region.