French Roast


Recommended roast color: medium-dark

Flavor notes: dark chocolate, nuts, red apple, sweet nougat

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French Roast

Our own unique blend of every bold coffee lover’s favorite.

Signature blend of high quality coffee from Central and South America, with flavor notes of dark chocolate, nuts, red apple, sweet nougat. Grown at high altitudes with optimal conditions for flavorful beans in each cup.

Recommended roast level medium-dark, this is one of our boldest offerings, while still maintaining our characteristic smoothness and local acidity qualities.

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Bag Size

12 oz, 2 lb, 5 lb


Whole Bean, Cold Brew, French Press, Keurig-Single Serve, Regular-Pour Over, Electric Perk, Drip, Fine, Extra Fine, Espresso

Roast Color

Light, Medium, Medium/Dark, Dark


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